Monday, February 6, 2012

C.C.I. Revisits : Purple Asteroid Cadillac

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Sometime around mid-December of 2010, we featured an innovative four-piece group that quickly rose to Midwest lore. Armed with bombastic live shows, fresh lyricism and touring dedication, the pine-fresh Purple Asteroid Cadillac helped redefine Midwestern hip-hop, and interestingly enough -- our online traffic -- with our piece on their showcase in Cincinnati proving to be the first major C.C.I 'hit' article. Because we've seen our fan-base certainly spike upwards in the early months of 2012, it'd be in our best interest to re-visit the group that helped re-SHAPE our local culture, and give some of our new recruits a chance to catch up.

'Take Shape', the hyped debut of Purple Asteroid Cadillac, is set to release this spring. We'll keep a firm watch on this release, including any pre-order news, but the savvy-reader shouldn't expect to see any leaks; we're not that kind of blog. Tha' P.A.C clique have worked tirelessly to provide this album to their fans, and we'll just go ahead and assure you -- it'll be major. Call it a lock.

Speaking of hard-working, lead vocalist Fooch Tha' MC's launched 'New Music Mondays', a fantastic new collective of material leading up to the album release this spring. From Fooch himself to some of his colleagues (including Naledge, a great talent that we've come to appreciate), NMM is a great way to start the week off in the right direction. You can find New Music Mondays right here on Fooch's Tumblr Page, and a word of advice :: go ahead and pick up "Got Bars", the Kid Duke-produced trunk-banger that's calling for the late-nite riders of the world.

A major thank-you goes out to Fooch, SHZA, ZAK + DAVE -- your dedication in the studio is worth commending, and we're stoked for future New Music Mondays, "Take Shape", and whatever endeavors head your way. We may be constant-bloggers, but we're certainly fans first.


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