Best Way For Promotion?

Record a 'station tag' for the official radio program of Captain Captain Industries, "Great Job, Sound Squad!" on 100.1 KRUU FM!

Radio station 'tags', or on-air station identification clips, can be of tremendous mutual benefit to both the fans, as well as our grassroots program.  Simply by addressing yourself, stating your project or affiliation, and reminding listeners that they're listening to a certain station or program, you've promoted yourself, your project, and the radio station!  A total package. Best part?  We constantly re-play them.

A quick example : 

"(greeting) Hello, this is (name) from (cool hip new group) and you are listening to 100.1 KRUU FM."


"(greeting) Good day, old bean! This is Reginald Longfellow from the Port of Wales set and you are listening to "Great Job Sound Squad" on KRUU FM.


Since forming as "The Block of Rock" back in late 2006, the hosts behind the highly-acclaimed program "Great Job, Sound Squad!" build on years of musical chemistry, drawing inspiration from all fields that challenges the listener to tune in to the best in modern and classic alike.   Five years of shifting locations, guests, artists, genres, and hosts brings us back to the center; right here in the booth.

Join co-hosts Cap'n Cam + DJ Duffy every Thursday from 5-6 p.m. for new episodes of "Great Job,Sound Squad!", only on 100.1 KRUU FM.

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