Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Purple Reigns in Cincinnati.

What're the Purple Asteroid Cadillac crew doing in Cincinnati? Probably decimating Hampton motels or ruthlessly slapping fools in the face. Maybe they're attending a game or two from one of Cincy's awful premiere sporting franchises...

In all seriousness, Tha' P.A.C. are staring down the barrel of what could easily be considered their biggest potential break to date -- a slot in front of Lenny S., VP A&R of Def Jam Records.

After demonstrating their ferocious flow, an enthralled Lenny claimed the P.A.C. as being the premiere future sound of hip-hop, and that their signature live-band / hip-hop collaboration was exactly the direction that the industry was moving. Pretty good for a man deemed 'emotionless' in terms of finding new music. Their competition (or lack-there-of)? A vast number of cliche MC's rhyming over their own records, using that ancient, unfresh formula to get some recognition.

Lenny made specific remarks about each of the performed songs -- all very positive, and went on to say that "Shine On", one of the P.A.C.'s most notable singles, was "very radio friendly". Fooch got the lyrical recognition from a big industry leader that he's deserved for quite a while, so even if Def Jam doesn't sign them, the word's out about the P.A.C., and it's only a matter of minutes, hours, and days until we see 'em get picked up by a Roc-A-Fella, or a Definitive Jux or somethin' big, y'know?

We'll see the Purple Asteroid Cadillac hit the studio soon for more tracks for Def Jam, and of course, for all the fans on Captain Captain Industries. Until then though, you've just received your dose of Purp' for the day; Hit 'em up at that new, crispy website, which you can find right here.

This video says it all :

Be sure to catch the new Captain Captain Industries updates, up-coming interviews, album reviews/releases and so much more -- and be sure to catch the Purp' when they come to your city. I gotta go calculate exactly how many views we received yesterday (a shitload quite a bit).

-- I know y'all aren't still reading this! Go check out that video AND their website, and send the P.A.C. some love. --

Bass, bass, crazy kickin'!
C.C.I xx

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