Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reminder :: Quick Contest Updates ::

A quick reminder about all of our contests + interactive features. We're continuing to accept all submissions for the following :

1. A chance to appear on the radio! Would you/your latest project like an opportunity to be featured on the Midwest's only solar-powered radio station? Simply introduce yourself! State your name, what you're affiliated with, followed by one of these fine select choices :

1.) "and you are listening to 100.1 KRUU FM"
2.) "and you are listening to 'Captain Captain Industries on the radio'"
3.) "and you are listening to 'Great Job, Sound Squad' on KRUU FM"

Submit this audio clip (preferably .mp3) to

2. Document yourself sharing 'Captain Captain Industries' in your neighborhood for a chance to win some quick stickers, possible CD's and other various prize packs. We realize that this seems vague, but it can be as simple as a 'Share' on Facebook, a 'shout-out' on a track, or even a quick stencil-tag? Anything really works -- just get a publishable documentation of yourself representing your favorite SE Iowa blog, amirite? These can also be sent to

3. Are you on YouTube? You could have a shot on our upcoming C.C.I. LiveStream TV station! Submit your original videos/links/etc. to If we feature you, you'll (more than likely) receive a quick C.C.I. booster-pack that should replenish any lack of Captain in your complex.

4. Are you a fellow Blogspot user? Haven't 'subscribed' to us yet? Well, it's paid off -- all Google Blogspot subscribers will be entered into a 5-draw raffle for some C.C.I. gear. Seriously -- our Facebook numbers have been doing substantially well, but Tumblr seems to have left a mark on the fellow Blogspot community, and we've felt it. Our traffic's doing well, but our Google Subscriptions have actually lessened. Crazy times, guys n' gals.

Any questions / off-record comments can be made to, you guessed it,


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