Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cinematographers/YouTube-Savvy Fans of C.C.I :

It's been a phenomenal weekend so far, with our newest interview with "This Is Local Love" shattering the record for the most viewed Captain Captain Industries' featured-article debut. It was a great measure on just how much ground we have to cover this year -- and how evident it is to know that our readers DO actually share our material! We appreciate it a thousandfold, and couldn't ask for a better online community. We'll be keeping a close eye on T.I.L.L., so it may be in your best interest to get a tad more acquainted with this rising apparel industry. . .

Which serves as a great launching point for our next endeavor :: launching our own C.C.I.-themed online-streaming station! To do this however, we need your help! If you have a video on YouTube that you wouldn't mind us broadcasting, e-mail us at, or find us on our Facebook Page. Due to the early nature of this project, we may encounter some to several delays along the way, but it couldn't stay a secret for too much longer; we assure you that your patience will be well-rewarded!
That seems to be all of our notes from this weekend - Stay tuned, as we're really getting the ball rolling early in 2012. From all of us here, have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

From the desk of,
Captain Captain Industries

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