Monday, January 2, 2012

C.C.I. sits down with young-gun producer, Tylias.

In our quest to expand and conquer the vast lands of the Facebook community, we ran into fourteen-year-old Jacob Williams, a producer from Lake Elsinore, CA. Williams, also known by his producer-moniker Tylias, started his musicianship in 2008. When he reflected on his past productions, (alternative rock/hip-hop mixtapes) Tylias self-admittedly suggested that they "[weren't] that great".

After three years of experimenting and rediscovering his musical roots, Tylias released the eleven-track album, "My Name is Tylias". Comprising of electro, dubstep, and traces of drum 'n bass, Tylias' debut album caught his fans attention, specifically with the single "Digital Heart". Under self-analysis, Williams went on to mention that "[My Name is Tylias] was my very first attempt at doing anything rave-ish or what people call 'dubstep' or 'electro'... and I think I did a good job." Earlier this month, Tylias stated that he had plans to release an EP that will contain elements of rock, hip-hop, electro and dubstep influences. "I'm putting all of my effort into it, the fans will dig it, and so will anyone out there ... I want to make music everybody loves ... I hate genre battles."

The EP is set to make it's release in late January or early February.

Tylias will post singles, tracks, links and videos promoting his releases on his Facebook Page.

Preview these exclusive Tylias tracks below :

Tylias - New Years VIP by Tylias

Digital Heart by Tylias

Download 'My Name is Tylias' at

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