Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Planning our Travels

While making a list of major goals I had wanted to accomplish sometime down the path of life, I noticed that one of the biggest challenges presented was to leave North America. Not permanently by any means, but the call of cultured stability beckons me to a point of intense curiosity. I've never had that overseas experience, and I assume it's every bit as liberating as it sounds. Below, I've listed some of the nations that I would be honored to set foot in -- feel free to contribute some of your own experiences abroad, or represent a country that may have missed the cut.

First off, Thailand. The photo above is from a location known as "Phuket Beach". I'm not entirely sure on how to pronounce such a beach, and for the sake of the kids, I mustn't try. From the natural beauty, to the extravagance of Bangkok, to the immaculate cuisine, I hope to one day visit Thailand and all that it has to offer the world.

Next, we venture to the proclaimed 'Love Capital' of the world, France. While we're very much drawn to the artists and authors who made France the nation it is today, we're more about the natural scenery -- the original inspiration for said artists. There can be nothing like a bike ride through Paris, and for that, I yearn to visit. Plus, Daft Punk, Justice, and the entire Ed Banger crew call France home. They provide tremendous musical inspiration within themselves, and wow... to catch a show in natural habitat... That's the stuff legends are made of.

While we're semi-close, I'd like to visit England for the sheer purpose of watching a 'football' game in an authentic pub. Preferably Manchester City vs. Manchester United. I can skip a nice chunk of the history and move on to the musical genius these lot have provided the world. As an absolute sports fanatic, I believe this is crucial to my development towards the most international sport in the world, and as an absolute music fanatic, I believe this is crucial to my understanding and enhancement of any musical prowess.

Finally, I've gotta' hit up Japan. Yes, I know nobody's ever really ready to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, but I'm as prepared as I'll be thirty years from now. I love the historical aspects of Japan, and would probably be humbled with every day spent. Japan seems like a place to really make or break a person :: a test I am more than willing to take.

Honorable mentions : Iceland, Scotland, India, Netherlands, Ireland, and Bali.

What did we miss? Are there any places that you'd like to speak for? Any places that shouldn't appear on ANYBODY'S list? Let us know!

Cameron M. Sales,
Senior Editor/Radio Show Personality (GJSS)

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  1. I'll be in paris next month (for me it's much closer!!!) hope I can have good advices for you!!


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