Monday, January 2, 2012


ell, here it goes -- future blogging is here. 2012 has dawned upon us. How many of you feel as if this will be 'your year'? Aside from the cliches that surround resolutions, we took the time to comprise a list and share some of what we would like to see in terms of CCI development for this year. Something that did top everybody's list :

We gotta put out an album or an EP/LP/mixtape.
Preferably an album.

Which means we're on the look-out for rappers. We've built up our instrumental catalog over the years, and 2012 would be the year to 'take it to the next level', collaborate, and most importantly, be satisfied from what comes out of the studio. Also, we'd need to find a genre to settle on, rather than produce a variance of sound. However, we did just put some touches on a new minimalist-ish track that has us wondering if we'd like to pursue more tracks in that direction.

Another topic that surfaced up in the meeting : Reach 1,000+ fans on our Facebook Page. While we're about a sneeze shy of three-hundred, 2012's going to be a great year to reach fans of all artistry. We're out to make our Page more versatile; a blueprint for the best in under-the-radar talent.

Finally, we figured that to give is to receive, meaning more contests, interviews, and other interactive applications will surface in 2012. Add some pizzazz to the place.

What've you got going for you in 2012? Big plans? Change of occupation? School?

From the desk of,
Captain Captain Industries

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