Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update/Mixtape Information/Possible Contest?

[Image courtesy of Solo Co.)


What's up, world? Just an update to let you know how things are going around the office. Yesterday, the first test mixtape CD was crafted, as well as some D.I.Y.-style cases for 'em. We'll be releasing three editions of this mixtape, one being another digital release, another being the 'promotional' edition that comes in a standard sleeve, and the last being our deluxe package, the most limited edition we'll release.

Our official artist's list - I can't quite release all of it yet, but our confirmed artists include : Lane Weaver, Fooch/P.A.C., Heath Morris, Abigail Frerichs, The Olympics, a slew of original productions, and an exclusive mixtape-only track by Schismatic. The CD consists of somewhere around twenty tracks, so that's twenty reasons to keep coming back for more first-to-know information.

In other news, people are totally coppin' that EP. We had a little more than a hundred-and-fifty downloads in two days, even though MediaFire likes to be selective as to which users can actually view the files. Thank you all for downloadin', and if you'd be interested in rhyming over any of hit, hit us up at

Finally, kudos to Solo Co. for our new addition into the C.C.I. .jpeg vault. We ran a contest in '08, asking our fans to design some digital Captain Captain Industries art, and the result saw over ten or fifteen solid, original designs. Now knowing that our fanbase has extended quite a bit in these past two years, we may have a second 'volume' of the contest. We'll keep you updated on any promos/contests coming up as well.

Until then though, try and stay dry. It's so damn soggy outside.
- C.C.I. xxx

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