Thursday, February 3, 2011

Get to Gettin' -- P.A.C. Shows

(Purple Asteroid Cadillac, courtesy of ReverbNation)

Def Jam showcases, the freshest material, and now : a slew of shows -- a gaggle of gigs, if you will. Yeah, I'm done, but you know who isn't? The entire P.A.C. crew, who are now slated for a nice chunk of February shows all across SE Iowa.

Y'all know these guys from our numerous posts about 'em. They're pretty popular around these parts, you might say. Guitarist Jason Burkhardt's a long-time homie of mine. Fooch is absolute fire as an MC, and he's got some equally as talented and dynamic connections that are scattered around my iTunes : check out his homie, Cayex Illah, who's contributions with Fooch on his (very) early material helped pave the way for the sound of now.

Big Z, the drum whiz, is a pretty slick dude as well - he's got some traveling under his belt, but he's been wanderin' these parts for a minute or so now, and SHZA's always down to rep C.C.I. via Facebook, so it really does seem fair that these guys garner a lot of attention here.

You can peep these (now official!) concert dates here -- and be sure to catch them at their first stop, The Beauty Shop, on the 11th. Always big things for the Purple Asteroid Cadillac clique.


Be sure to catch Captain's Quarters on 100.1 KRUU FM every Thursday from 5-6 P.M. Today, I'm sneaking in an original, unofficial release - and we've got Tama Eagleson in the studio, slated for a half-hour spot, so it's gonna be some good radio... something that's ... well, yeah, almost extinct.

We'll catch ya' tomorrow. We've got so many papers and over-due reports piling up, so we gotta get crackin'. Like I said yesterday, February should be a really good month for us.

Comment/Suggestion of the day : C.C.I. T-shirts?

C.C.I. xxxx

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  1. We really appreciate All the love CCI has been showin us! Thanks fam!!!


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