Friday, February 4, 2011

Coyote Slingshot, The Shakies, and their gold-plated swag.

Through the mystics of FaceBook, Dominic Rabalais, a.k.a Mr. Coyote Slingshot, a.k.a. Mr. Utopia Park, sent me a trip of a video with a colossal musical concept -- Let me try explaining this without a generic copy/paste...

Alright, so in this video, each of the three notes in each chord garner their own color, which means that when these chords are played, there are three colors layered on top of each other. Followin' me so far? When a bass note is played, in correspondence with the color patterns, there's a texture for each one of those bass notes. Then, the images in the foreground each correspond to a note in the melody that the main guitar is playing. That last sentence was basically copy/paste. I tried.

I give my nod of approval, a thumbs-up, and a tip-of-the-cap to this vid' + concept. With no further ado, Captain Captain Industries presents :

Coyote Slingshot + The Shakies -
"Go To The Place Where Everything Sucks And Leave Again"


You can catch Utopia Park @ Gabe's in Iowa City, slated to do what I believe is their second I.C. show with Dan Deacon. You could Power a train with all of that Sweat.

For more sweet schwag on those Coyote Slingshot characters, go ahead and swing on over to SlingshotShot, where you can find a nice chunk of Coyote Slingshot downloads via SoundCloud.

Two articles about local swaggin' in two days. Somebody better get at me so I can go for the hat trick tomorrow. 'Til then though, I'm out. Enjoy your Friday + weekend, and be on the look-out for that devious stranger that is Little Ruckus.

C.C.I. xxxx

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