Monday, January 31, 2011

Triptonikhan + Purple Asteroid Cadillac + Update

Gonna be in the Santa Cruz area this Valentine's Day? Then you gotta check out our new favorite groundbreaking electronic artist - Triptonikhan. Performing at the Blue Lagoon, Trip's been killin' it here at the Industry, with his spaz-stylings blazing through our speakers on a very regular basis. We've got official word that Triptonikhan will be dropping a brand new album on Valentine's Day, and you know we'll be one of the first to let you know. Keep an eye out for this dude, and if you haven't checked our debut article on this project, you can find that right here.

Also, Captain Captain Industries juggernauts, the Purple Asteroid Cadillac crew, have a gig or four coming up in the near future -- including a February 25th showing at the Yacht Club in Iowa City. We'll getcha' some more details as they arrive, but for now, you can peep their ReverbNation page, where you can bump all of their latest and greatest tracks before what looks like a nice mini-tour in the future.

We're in the process of getting more exclusive C.C.I. artists lined up -- including a very digital video game themed album that'll keep you on your toes for a bit, as well as some genre-bending riffs by our new FaceBook friend, Tomas Roman.

Until then, I'm headin' off. We got work bright n' early tomorrow -- and I gotta have time to scrape that windshield in the morning.

C.C.I. xxxx

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