Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Update

What up, everyone? Well, two weeks into 2011, and we finally get a reasonable amount of snow here @ The Industry, complimenting how cold it was to see Oregon lose on the national stage by a chip-shot field goal. Whatev's. The Ducks will be back next season. You'll see!

In other news, Fooch confirms via FaceBook that the Purple Asteroid Cadillac will be featured in WWS Mag this evening, and their packin' an interview! Also, this Saturday at 1:30 P.M., the Marvell Gable Show will be counting down their top twenty-five indie artists of 2010, and the P.A.C. made the cut -- catch the MGS and the Purple Asteroid Cadillac on WGCR's official website to see where they place. Big upcoming year for Fooch and the whole P.A.C. crew, as 2010 last saw them perform at a Def Jam showcase in Ohio.

Lane Weaver also confirms up to three tracks for the soon-to-be-arranged Captain Captain Industries Official Mixtape : Vol. I. We're super stoked to release that. Now I bet you all are too.

Our new demo's going over nicely, as we had a pretty nice crowd peepin' C.C.I. yesterday, and I assumed at least one or two people picked it up. Like I said though, it's completely a demo. Not sure if that'll even make the cut for our own compilation, but y'know... I may change my mind.

A'ight y'all -- that just about does it for us this afternoon. Subscribe! 'Like' us on FB! Promooootion!

-C.C.I. xxxx

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