Friday, January 14, 2011


Here's a quick follow-up on our most recent Purple Asteroid Cadillac article. -- You can now find their WWS Mag spot here. This thing's even loaded with an official free download! Big things poppin' for the P.A.C. crew these days, no doubt about it.

The Sweat Power Festival officially kicked off yesterday-- Day 2 is tonight @ The Beauty Shop, Thug Estates, and Top of the Rock. Ballin' outrageous for Dom's 21st birthday/birthday weekend combo.

And I'll take Chicago, New England, Atlanta, and Baltimore. :) We're goin' 7-1 this weekend!

That's all for now. Big shout-outs to our growing /m/ and /mu/ fanbase. Also, a smaller, but still respected shout-out to /sp/ - we're growin' on ya'. I can tell.

C.C.I. xxxx

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