Monday, January 24, 2011

Triptonikhan :

Oh, wow everybody, I just checked out our Captain Captain Facebook page, and boy...

Somebody posted an absolute monster link. I'm proud to throw this one up on the blog. Thanks for the submission -- game recognize game, Trip.


Bio - Straight off of of a fresh, innovative BandCamp layout :

At the onset of 2009, experimental filmmaker and musician Scott Hanshew set out with the goal of creating and performing his own style of bass heavy experimental dance music under the name Triptonikhan. This day, October 25th 2010, marks an official milestone in accomplishing that goal.

A culmination of about two years of work, his brand new 15 track LP ‘Toxicana Turnpike’ takes you on a wild journey through a radioactive psychedelic wasteland of fear, terror, joy, ecstasy, and above all, the irresistible urge to dance. While simultaneously rocking out, the album has an unmistakable ominous tone of somber environmentalism, disrupted only by various obscure and sometimes humorous samples. With all tracks slightly melted around the edges it is far too easy to lose track of time, and all the easier to lose your mind.

Essential to the spirit of the album was collaboration with illustrator Owen Partridge, who meticulously spent many hours crafting the album cover art. An important part of creating the Triptonikhan monster was a lengthy period of drafting and brainstorming, until they both agreed upon the hideously awesome creature that is. Most of the illustrating was captured on video, with the intention of being able to experience an incredibly long process in a very compressed period of time, symbolizing the time put into the music and the art.

As seen here:

Ironically, the shortcomings of the Flip video internal battery proved to double the length of the filming process, entailing an hour of filming and then an hour of waiting. Eventually it was decided Owen would finish the drawing on his own, as Scott remixed the album several times, with advice and mastering by Matt Olmos.

Finally, the pieces of the puzzle, as imaginary and amorphous as they began, have taken their shape as some kind of hideously intriguing bass monster capable of total body meltdown. “Toxicana Turnpike” represents a successful long-term experiment in the process of creating various types of art, and is the first Triptonikhan album released on Ronerberg Records.

More information and a free download of the album can be found at (Donations welcome)

To contact Triptonikhan, send an email to

Good addition to the C.C.I. crew. Let's hope 2011 is a big year for this slick project.

C.C.I. xx

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  1. I like that music, mostly because it's free.


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