Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello, Stranger -- New C.C.I Segment.

After our initial success of featuring various local artists here at Captain Captain Industries, we've decided to do a new, exclusive segment featuring musical artists from every corner of the world, solely through pure online connection -- we're dubbing this new adventure, "Hello, Stranger", as I have never met, nor heard of, any of these artists before this project. After a two-week span of soliciting various Internet forums, I've collected a handful of up-and-coming musicians, artists and styles you may have never have heard -- until now.

In our first featured segment, we've decided to invite Arizona folk artist, Shath, to the conference room. When he's not shredding out to Blitzen Trapper, (to which the Captain was delighted -- he's seen Blitzen Trapper open for his hero, Stephen Malkmus), Shath lays down some star-gazing desert-folk, which I'm happy to announce will grace my weekly radio playlist at KRUU FM.

Check out today's featured artist, Shath, at his BandCamp profile, where you can find a free album that's just begging to be downloaded. In fact, I believe mine has just finished downloading as I'm typing this.

For those who still frequent MySpace, Shath is also available here.

Congratulations, Shath, our first featured artist of our brand-new, "Hello, Stranger" series. Keep up the good work. As Tim and Eric would say : "Great Job."

C.C.I xx

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