Friday, December 3, 2010

Heat vs. Cavaliers Post-Game Wrap-Up.

Last night, LeBron dropped thirty-eight big ones to bury his former team amidst a sea of boos and crashing waves of profanity. TNT tried their darndest to mute the audiences' specific jeers, but they couldn't stop everyone -- a cry of 'oh shit!' was heard before a commercial break, cameras panned to people flipping LBJ the bird, and there were numerous top-deck ejections for rowdiness.

This could've been the most disrespectful game I've ever laid my eyes on. Remember last year's Favre-in-Lambeau game? Not a whole lot of negativity - granted some clever signs, but nothing entirely disrespectful. This time around? Forty-eight solid minutes of jeering, whining, and booing. Oh, poor Cleveland -- you wanna know why LeBron left? No supporting cast. See the Cav's final record this year, and tell me that they had a graceful fall from Conference Champion -- it just won't happen. Reggie Miller said that the Cav's may inch into the playoffs, based on how weak the East is this year, but y'know what?

After last night, they don't deserve it. Granted, I like Byron Scott. I do. But, boy -- I hate the Cav's. Dwight Howard wouldn't get that treatment if he left the Magic. Is this what 'Melo has to look forward to next year, when he leaves Denver for NY? And what about Big Z, who got a standing ovation, despite playing for the Heat with co-hort King James? Did Cleveland realize their hypocracy, and the realization of the free agency? Doubt it. F_ck Cleveland for being that sh_tty of a fan base. Seriously. I hope you re-locate to Seattle. By the way? Akron hates CLEVELAND - true story.

ugh, good game none-the-less :) favorite part?

C.C.I. xx

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