Thursday, December 2, 2010

Big Story of the Week - LeBron James vs. The World

Easily the most hyped story of the week, and potentially the most watched NBA game of the year -- Tonight, December 2nd, LeBron James and his superstar accolades, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, take on slum-of-a-franchise Cleveland.

Usually, two mid-tier teams wouldn't garner this much attention, but as everyone knows, LeBron stiffed the Cav's, and up-and-left to South Beach, where the weather, talent, and market is much more developed. Now, the city of Cleveland wants revenge. Expect a chorus of boo's for King James and crew, even though LeBron grew up in Ohio.

Who wins? Well, the Heat haven't quite met our legendary expectations, but that doesn't mean the fans at the Quicken Loans Arena will be too happy. They upped security for a reason, right?

The Cav's post a 4-5 record at home, while the Heat are abysmally sloppy on the road, so the Cav's have a shot. Do they win?

C.C.I prediction :

Miami Heat - 104; Cleveland Cavaliers - 89.

LeBron posts 31; Wade shines, while Bosh is relatively quiet. Hopefully we'll hear some signs of life from Eddie House, seeing as he's my fantasy back-up.

Sorry, CuDi -- Cleveland's awful awful awful this year.

C.C.I xx

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