Thursday, December 23, 2010

Captain's Quarters - Orange Text Mode

(Behind KRUU FM)

Yo, today (and every Thursday) from five to six p.m., I bring the heat on "Captain's Quarters", a completely original radio program on 100.1 KRUU. Lately, I've been splitting the spot with local swag dealer, Tama Eagleson, who always matches my taste for radio-burnin' tunes. Check us out today by headin' over to KRUU FM's website and click that icon in the top left, over on the 'Playing on Air Now' tab. That'll stream our show directly into your iTunes, bro!

Today, I'm packin' some tracks by C.C.I. featured artist, Heath Morris, some new heat by Deadmau5, FlyLo, rare Ratatat tracks, and of course, we're bringin' a sixer of Chew Fu -- and that's just half of the show! I know you're gonna give this one a listen.

'Til then though, I'm out!
C.C.I. xx KRUU FM.

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