Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tiësto vs. Diplo YouTube Gem.

Tiësto always kills it. Best live shows / light shows in the business. Solid, solid tunes. A strong grasp as the world's number one deejay spot. All great reasons why I tip my cap every time someone brings Tiësto into the conversation. Like an electronic war-vet.

Not too much going on at the Industry today -- Christmas hustle n' bustle, collaborating with anybody and anyone, and just taking time to relax. It's been a fairly tiring couple of days, but y'know what it is. I'm gonna jet to Ottumwa; check out Hibbett Sports and ... well, that's about it. If that mall was a living creature, then it wouldn't have eaten anything for at least four years. That's probably enough hatin' on O-Town for one day. (fuck ottumwa.)

I'm outta here. I'll see you at the office tomorrow.

C.C.I xx

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