Thursday, December 23, 2010

100th Post! Captain Captain Industries Official Release of "On My Headband (The Captain)"

One-hundred posts, guys. That's pretty damn nice. Thanks to all of the readers, and our two newest official subscribers, Heath Morris and Jason Burkhardt. Thanks to all of the musicians we've featured -- I'm lookin' at you Lane Weaver, Purple Asteroid Cadillac, Abby Frerichs, The Olympics, and many of the other artists Captain Captain Industries has grown so fond of. Thanks to all who've made C.C.I. more than just some scrappy music blog.

In proper Industry fashion, we're releasing an official track to mark the one-hundredth post celebration. Originally manufactured for an introduction to our radio program (which is today, guys), "On My Headband" is a nifty little hip-hop instrumental that we hope to get some vocals written and recorded here in the near future. For now though, tell me what you all think -- we need some feedback on this one.

Ladies n' gents - Captain Captain Industries proudly presents :

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