Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Video Premiere Tuesday --

November 30th must be a quality date for releasing music videos. Captain Captain Industry new-comer Fooch, as well as the much hyped Lane Weaver, have dropped their long-awaited viral sensations today.

Peep 'em here first, and always be sure to drop a constructive/complimentary comment -- people love logging on and seeing a dozen new 'thumbs ups'.


First off, we have Fooch's newly mastered track, "Flows Ferocious". You may have heard this performed originally by his crew, Purple Asteroid Cadillac. This time around, the live instruments have been replaced by a five-star production squad, with the back-beat that's absolutely begging for remixes for months and months to come. Be sure to check the blog for Fooch's new joint, Classic Made, hosted by DJ Logikal, as well as Kidz in the Hall's own Naledge. Brainiac Society's always doin' some serious work.

Without further ado, we present -

Flows Ferocious, the first official video from Fooch's mixtape, Classic Made.


Next, we've gotten our hands on the newest official video from Lane Weaver. We've tossed the original song on the blog before, but now we have this official video premiere to back it up. Lane's presence on the blog has skyrocketed traffic almost every time his name is mentioned. Seriously. We average around twenty more views than we usually do every time he drops a track or new video, so I have no reason to doubt that this new joint, titled "From Her", will be a cult classic. Bustin' out the wobble on this, Lane reveals some of his more electronic-based background, while still applying his signature hip-hop accents. It's a pretty nice combo, but you don't need me tellin' you. Watch for yourself!

You saw it here first --

Lane Weaver's new official video, "From Her".


And just to show some love to Captain Captain Industries new-comer Naledge, we're throwin' this fan-made video of his groove-hop jam, "Star Struck" on the front page. I gotta say it again though -- Brainiac Society's doin' some WORK out here.


What we're on is dangerous. Be sure to catch Lane Weaver, Ill & Natti, and Utopia Park live @ the Beauty Shop (Fairfield, IA) 12/11/10. (Notice the date goes down a number, which probably means you shouldn't miss this show.)

Also, the Beauty Shop needs some financial boostin'. Don't worry! It won't cost you a dime -- you've heard of the Pepsi Refresh Project, right? Well, if not, you've gotta do some research. For those who know, I'd like to extend a hand to my brothers and sisters down on Main Street by re-posting this new video live on Captain Captain Industries. Be sure to vote every day -- starting tomorrow, December 1st. Together, we can make some waves.


Big day in local music, huh? Looks like you've got yourself some vid's to check out. I'll leave you to it, while I go hobble around in the new snowfall.

Always good to hear from ya'.

- C.C.I xx

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