Monday, November 29, 2010

Fooch Tha' MC // Purple Asteroid Cadillac

Chicago is known for quite a few things. The pinnacle of the Michael Jordan era, Mr. Man of the Hour - Kanye West, the authenticity of Wrigley Field, the infamous Super Bowl Shuffle, President Barack Obama, and of course Ditka's.

Hold up a minute now. We gotta add one more to the list --

Ladies and gent's -- Captain Captain Industries Presents :
Local Midwest hip-hop pioneer, Fooch (a.k.a. - Nick Stylz)

Fooch represents not only Chicago (as well as Southeastern Iowa hip-hop), but he also rep's the up-and-comers from Brainiac Society. In between chillin' with Kidz in the Hall and catching his breath between various Purple Asteroid Cadillac gigs, he's found time to team up with DJ Logikal to bring you what may be the Mixtape of the Month. Plus, he's a damn nice dude. Don't pass this one up. You'd regret it.

Fooch Tha' MC - Classic Made (Hosted by DJ Logikal)

Be sure to click the 'download' link nearest the bottom -- otherwise, you get an unwanted 'Download Manager' that's mildly confusing and slow.

While I'm at it, hit up Fooch, SHZA, Zach, and the Captain's long-time compadre, Jason, over at Purple Asteroid Cadillac's Reverb Page.

Straight outta the bio, y'all -

"Purple Asteroid Cadillac, [or simply THA P.A.C.] combine live instruments with the flyest emcee in the state to create a sound that is completely new and finds influence in every genre.

Fooch is part of the Brainiac Society and has been an emcee for a number of years. SHZA [I laughed when I first read the name. At least ya' know the bass player listens to the staples. Wu-Tang is here forevaaa'!] studied jazz and blues in college. The two decided to combine elements and form a band. Jason was discovered playing guitar in a coffee shop and with his background and resources, quickly agreed to join. Zack moved to the area from Seattle and has played with several touring bands, but joined after finding this project was the first truly original group he has found.

In P.A.C.'s first show, they attracted a large crowd that danced and cheered, begging for the band to play more songs."

- Purple Asteroid Cadillac's Biography on ReverbNation.

Can't touch that, huh? Finally good to get a post on here about the P.A.C. They could arguably be one of my favorite groups around this place. Take a listen for yourself -- they've developed quite the following. Plus, the P.A.C. merch is (pun intended) outta this world.

Figured you all needed your daily dose of hip-hop. Now go snatch that mixtape!

C.C.I xx

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