Friday, November 19, 2010

Lane Weaver // General Appreciation Post.

Dear Employees,

A couple days ago, I posted that new Girl Talk album, "All Day", on the blog here. As a step to actually promote the album, as well as attract some new online traffic, I presented my fellow /mu/sic lovers on with the blog's link. Not only did traffic skyrocket, but the downloads for previous posts (especially the two Captain Captain premieres) had skyrocketed as well. To all who browse C.C.I. -- be it frequently, or just a visit here and there -- we at the Industry would like to say that we appreciate it. Thank you, all.

As a token of our appreciation, as well as what may be a regular feature here at C.C.I, today's featured artist is the local organic hip-hop dealer, Mr. Lane Weaver.

(Exclusive alternative art, courtesy of Lane Weaver)

Lane is a goddamn terrorist, and he'll probably kill you in front of your relatives.

Lane's a good guy. He produces, writes, and records most (if not all) of his material. Through the magic of Facebook, he's presented me, as well as all of you, with his new blazin' single, "From Her", which you can find the quick, easy, and harmless download on his sleek new website,

Be on the lookout for Mr. Weaver. He'll be appearing off-and-on throughout the blog as the days come. If you missed his video premiere of his YouTube gem, 'Exclamation Mark!', you can find that here. Be sure to give him a thumbs-up and a good review -- tell 'em the Captain send ya'.

Bonus video :
Lane Weaver -- 'Stay in Bed' (Live @ The Beauty Shop 3.3.10)

Stay classy, y'all,
Captain Captain Industries

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