Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stanzi Saturday

Dear all,

It's Stanzi Saturday here at the Industry, which can only mean one thing -- Ohio State @ Iowa. Break out the Black and Gold, and enjoy some of these fine goodies; compliments of the Captain.

Mossy -- Alone and Forgotten (.rar)
(Nice guy. Even better tunes.)

Grouper -- Cover the Windows and the Walls
(Daydream ambience; wonderful vocals.)

Loch Lomond -- Paper the Walls
(Incredibly hyped Portland folk.)

Fantastic Mr. Fox -- Official Soundtrack
(Folk / Indie / Country / Everything / Humorous)

Kid Koala -- Your Mom's Favorite DJ
(Captain Captain Essential -- Kid Koala is a staple.)

Another 3-point Ohio State victory. :(
c.c.i xx

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