Friday, May 11, 2012

Tylias - Digital Heart [EP]

 Earlier this year, we featured a young producer on our blog. Jacob Williams, known as Tylias, is (last time we checked) fourteen years old, yet this incredibly gifted producer received incredibly high acclaim when his single "Digital Heart" graced our radio program. Tylias hit us up via Facebook to send us his new EP, something we had to toss up here on the blog. Tylias has a great tendency to push the musical boundaries, incorporating many different genres and styles into one finely crafted piece of material.

"The EP kicks off with "Game Over" an Electronic song that is classified as "Trance" or "Techno", The song is very energetic, gamer-related, and unleashes red-colored electric synths that pump at 168 BPM. The Title track "Digital Heart" [the track that first 'caught our attention'!] comes into play at 140BPM as a dubstep track and has overwhelming bass-lines that contrast with hip-hop synths and kicks. "Lost Without You" then stirs the more 'soft' side of the EP with relaxing synths similar to 'Digital Heart' but melds with vocal-samples that can relate to artists like Moby and Depeche Mode. "Dreamscape 002" trances the album at 168BPM and Go's from a Dream into a dark-deeply twisted electric 'Nightmare'. "Robot" ends the EP on a dark yet fast tone ... [my] first released drum n' bass track."
- Tylias Williams

 As an added bonus to help generate some online-hype for Tylias, you can find the Digital EP below.  Streaming and downloading these songs are absolutely free, but if it's something you're resonating with, share with your friends, other musicians and your local radio stations.  We expect to hear some more massive sounds from Tylias in the future, and would love to assist him in gaining a fan or three. 

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