Sunday, November 13, 2011

C.C.I. Sits Down With Outcast Agenda Clothing

As part of our expansion-related meetings, the crew here at Captain Captain Industries decided to sit down with Outcast Agenda Clothing, an innovative, under-the-radar clothing line coming out of Dallas. Based on strong moral passions and an eye for quality, Outcast Agenda connect with their fans in a way not typically seen with most modern fashion lines. O.A.C. strive to push boundaries and think outside the box, and as a result, we've discovered a great new affiliation. Behold : Our debut interview with Outcast Agenda Clothing.


What exactly is Outcast Agenda Clothing?

O.A.C. - "Outcast Agenda was an idea that had been building in my head over the past two years. I wanted to start an alternative street-wear line that showcased ideas and beliefs that I felt strongly about, including straight edge/veganism/the earth/animal and civil rights. Due to personal and financial reasons the idea was put on hold. As of a couple months ago I found myself in a position to get it back on track and do it the right way. I contacted my good friend Cody Dresser who is an extremely talented straight edge tattoo artist and graphic designer from the Dallas area. I showed him my business plan and he helped me with the design work and that's how Outcast Agenda was born. "

When was OAC founded?

"The company officially started just this past October."

More importantly, why exactly was Outcast Agenda created?

"I started OAC to help share ideas and shed light on ideas that I think are important worldwide through our original designs and custom artwork. I always say our clothing is originality meets quality with a good meaning behind it."

With heavy fulfillment-based believes, what's the primary mission behind your line?

"To gain worldwide exposure and support, to share ideas and to provide an alternative clothing line for all of those of you out there who stray from the path and choose to make their own way in life."

Where do you see O.A.C. in the near future? How about the long-term future?

"For being a brand new company, we have been received extremely well. Our FaceBook Page is nearing 600 fans, [and] I have already been sending out frequent orders state-side and worldwide alike. 2012 is going to be a huge year for O.A.C, I want to be at five of the major hardcore festivals around the country, I want to continue to grow and add more and more quality gear to our already strong arsenal of merchandise. As far as long term goals, I plan on becoming a popular name within the hardcore, straight edge, and street-wear communities worldwide. Once we are more established I plan on doing all of our own screen-printing, maybe pick up some whole-sale accounts along the way and just continue to push ideas on important issues. Its hard to say, but the possibilities are really endless."

What're some of O.A.C's biggest inspirations?

"People who fight for what they know is right and stay true to themselves and their beliefs."

How do you feel O.A.C. has progressed within such a short period of time?

"Being that we are such a new company and already gaining so much support so quickly I would have to say we are progressing extremely well. I couldnt be happier with the way things have unfolded."

Are there other groups associated with O.A.C.? Any major sponsors so far?

"Not really. We do however work closely with 2 bands. The Dead Mans Chest from Europe, and our brothers from back in New York, GhostxShip, We do cross promotional work with them and are finalizing endorsement deals which we are stoked on!"

What's the biggest obstacle you've faced as a rising clothing company?

"So far, it has been extremely easy going. Things have fallen in place for us and our support grows more and more every day. We are thankful for all of the fans we have acquired over the past month and a half. You all have made it an awesome kick off to the new company and we look forward to the years to come."

What advice to you have for other rising designers? Is there anything in particular that you've learned that would've benefited O.A.C. in the beginning stages of the company?

"I was lucky enough to have owned a clothing company when I was younger, I didn't do things correctly back then and it didn't go so well. I took the mistakes I made into consideration with O.A.C. and made sure that I didnt make those same mistakes again. Things have been going extremely well so far. Hard work, integrity, and determination can do wonders for any new business venture on the rise."

And finally, what separates Outcast Agenda Clothing from any other clothing line?

"I have seen a million clothing companies come and go over the years. There are various reasons why a clothing company can fail but I think one main one is originality. We strive to do our own custom artwork and style. That and our extremely personable family like mentality sets us apart from many other companies out there."


A big thank-you to Outcast Agenda Clothing for being a part of our new series of interviews. To check out the catalog, hit up their page on bigCartel.

** For those wondering, this was our first official blog interview, but it wasn't in a way. Remember this question that we posed to the crew from The Antlers?

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