Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's up local bros? How've you been, online blog connections? Good to see you, new-blog-discoverererers.

Been a little bit, I realize. Got some nice news for ya', however.

Number One : C.C.I. favorites, the local live hip-hop pioneers known as the Purple Asteroid Cadillac, are opening for the ever-so-stoner-friendly Afroman (yeah, that Afroman) on August 26th @ The Washington in jolly old Burlington, IA. It'll be a show that you cannot miss. Point-blank. Like a game-tying free-throw with 0:01 on the clock. If your in the area, and can stroll into a bar, then be there.

Numbah' Two : Lane Weaver's stirrin' shit up and making some headlines! Dude's gonna try and break the world record for longest freestyle, previously held by the notable emcee known as Chiddy. Like the Chiddy Bang bro. Catch this head-turner September 3rd @ the Beauty Shoppe in Fairfield, IA. Most of you aren't Iowa-bros, I understand. So does Lane, as he's broadcasting the session LIVE on Grab some brews, watch some bars, nah'mean?

(World record : 9 hours and 19 minutes)

III : Captain's Quarters on KRUU FM has now been conquered by the Great Job! Sound Squad. Same time. Same 'site. More live stuff. More local features. Original artists should really get at us. We've been throwing that out sometime, and yet, little takers. Live radio play, throughout the interwebs, for thousands of peeps. Yet, slim-to-none.

Note : Great Job! Sound Squad doesn't bias against other non-musical artists. Have a project you'd like to see get a slick, free promo? Hit us up at

4 : I met Ron Paul the other day. His hands are too soft. That is all.

From the desk of,
-C.C.I. xxxx

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