Sunday, August 28, 2011

"The Music Never Stopped"

Saturday night was movie night for me and my lovely girlfriend, who to this day, I am still not quite certain if she'd actually want to be mentioned by name on here. Anyway, J___ rightfully heralds herself as quite the distinguished movie critic, knowing exactly what she likes, and what she does not. She compliments this pin-point taste in film with a picker-esque sense of diving through the cheap rental piles to sifting through the bottom shelves for the most unique films. I am proud to say that my cinema-taste is far less superior, and I feel no shame in that what-so-ever. For the past year or so, J____ has stumbled upon some of the best that the theater (or not the theater!) has to offer.

"The Music Never Stopped", originally released to a limited amount of theaters in March of this year, happened to be this night's main course. Directed by Jim Kohlberg, "The Music Never Stopped" sports a fairly impressive cast, featuring J.K. Simmons, more commonly known as the father of Juno MacGuff, Cave Johnson, that nazi-bro on Oz, and the new State Farmers spokesman.

The film, a brain-child of Dr. Oliver Sacks' "The Last Hippie" experiments, the film introduces you to Gabriel Sawyer, a runaway flower-child, who has been diagnosed with a neurologically-challenging brain tumor. Henry, Gabriel's father, and his wife Helen, reconnected for the first time in twenty years elect for him to have surgery. The operation is a success, but the memory portion of Gabe's brain is damaged, making it nearly impossible for him to distinguish between past-and-present. After throwing the book in terms of caring for Gabriel, Henry stumbles upon a music therapist, Dr. Diane Daly. They discover that Gabe can reconnect with his former 'normal' self when rock n' roll, his favorite particular music, was played.

Loaded with a great soundtrack, featuring the Beatles, Dylan, and most importantly, The Grateful Dead, "The Music Never Stopped" ranks as one of J___'s top finds, a movie weighted with emotions while adding a breezy clarity to life, as this release sticks with you far past the end credits.

Captain Captain Industries : Highly Recommended.

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