Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Little Something I've Been Working On

School starts the 29th, y'all. More graphics. More logos. More technical designs. More focus on the readers. More sponsorships!

Get at us for some ideas/collaborations/etc. You have a clothing line? We'd be so down to get a spot up here. Got a cool new tune? It'll probably get played on our show. Or at least mentioned on here. Blogger spotlighting probably could get turned up a notch. Tribute to the online-homies n' such. We're so close to doing prizes. I know. It's been in the works. We do have a growing swag pile building up.

Tomorrow! P.A.C. vs. Afroman in Burlington. Innovative local hip-hop + Grammy-nominated dank-rap. Sick stuff, dudes.

Great Job Sound Squad! Tonight, 5-6 (central) on KRUU FM.

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