Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mr . Solo Dolo

(Note: Not actually affiliated with any of our Captain Captain Industries logos.
Just picked this up off of Google, our favvy search engine. <3 )

A lot's happened with our boy over at Solo Co. since we last featured the local grassroots clothing phenom. A quick browse around the official website tells all.

Sources say that the supplies are running pretty low, so snag one of these fresh snapbacks while you can. Swag looks straight from the fre$hest game of baseball ever played.

V S .

No, he's not done yet. Not by a long shot -- we're pretty stoked to share this latest Solo x P.A.C. thread-collabo. Next time we get some bills-slash-if they haven't run out of stock by then, we're picking one of these bad boys up.


Hit up the partna' at www.soloclothingco.com for prices, ordering info, and all of the latest and greatest from the Purple Asteroid Cadillac, Lane Weaver, and so much more.

Edit : From Mr. Solo himself - "They're all hand-numbered!", meaning that yes, these are 100% authentic, hard-workin' threads. Go get yourself a couple of nice things. You deserve it.

G'd up from the feet up,
-C.C.I. xx

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