Tuesday, June 7, 2011

McGov : Hip-Hop Abroad!

Almost a week ago, our newest affiliate, McGov, threw up a link to his YouTube channel on our official FaceBook page. After some quick analysis and research, we definitely approve. Representing Fruit Farm Records, McGov's YouTube page claims he draws influence from those young up-and-comers (CuDi, Khalifa, Big Sean) to a more electronic musical focus (We were happy to read 'Avicii' on that list, as well as Deadmau5.) Predominantly hip-hop, McGov's got some fresh material in store for his fans.

Check this one out:

'Mr. Sandman (prod. by Mr. Intellect)'


You can connect with McGov via his Facebook page/YouTube channel. A big thanks goes out for the submission! We thought it'd be good to pass McGov's word down to our followers, and as always, keep it locked for more under-the-radar talent here at Captain Captain Industries.

-C.C.I. xx


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