Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Represent, represent!

The Beauty Shop/AppleSeed Studios
& Solo Co :

Always gotta show love to these two affiliates. It seems like both are hitting extreme strides right now, and from one grassroots network to another, it's definitely time to unveil what both of these rising tides are up to these days.

First off, the Beauty Shop clan have unveiled their newest project, a collaborative CD featuring a slew of different local artists, including some familiar faces around here -- W. Travis, Dom Rabalais and Phil Rabalais, to mention a few. We're stoked to see exactly what else this effort entails, and as a genius add-on, they're rolling out the red carpet in a very glamour-style fashion. Catch that can't-miss event June 4 at the Sondheim Center (Fairfield, Iowa).

Confirmed artists include :

  • Darla Murphy
  • Gemma Cohen
  • Miranda Mallard
  • Adrien Daller
  • Phil Rabalais
  • Dom Rabalais
  • Josie Overmyer
  • Nate Headrick
  • Joey Delre
  • Joseph Mayfield
  • David Murphy
  • Julia Ross
  • Taylor Ross
  • Wade Koch
  • Theo Shier
  • Nathaniel Alexander
  • Andy Toepel
  • Jimmy Dalton
  • David Hurlin

For more information, including donation efforts, ya' gotta check this.

- - -

And when you're gearing up for any event, you've gotta' check out long-term accolade, Solo Clothing Co.'s newest collection of snapbacks.

The completely original designs of brainchild Gage Blanton come to life in a blazing blue-and-red combo, complete with the trademark 'SOLO' logo on the front. Swag surfin', for sure. For now, Solo Co.'s throwing in a righteous sticker pack with every snapback purchase, so get 'em while ya' can!

What's even more over-the-top? Big time representers, Purple Asteroid Cadillac have teamed up with Solo Co. for a mean, mean collaboration, including some out of this world merchandise. We'll let you know all about that team-up when the time comes.

We're gonna try and catch the P.A.C. at Gabe's (Iowa City) on April 13th, but we've got a stack of papers that need filing... in other words, we're busy as hell here, forming new ways to spread our word, come up with compelling material, produce some new tracks (hopefully for a soon-to-be-released album... not confirmed yet, however), as well as making a little bank on the side. We're no fan of ridiculous advertisements taking up your 'site, so we're workin' a little bit on the side to fund any and all of our upcoming projects... and probably a Solo hat or two.

Keep it locked at the Industry -- we'll start slowly unveiling our newest creations, but with very limited promotion, so the only way you'll snag the freshest of original C.C.I. material is to keep checkin' in. Until then, have a good night. Early to bed, semi-early to rise, as they say.

-C.C.I. xxx


  1. That was a hell of a compilation. Some good stuff in there.
    Soon-2-b-released should = released-very-soon, I should hope!

  2. that sounds great! nice post. good blog!



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