Friday, April 8, 2011

Honda Civics, Subarus, and Mitsubishis

Thursdays typically mean one thing -- some free time, and Captain's Quarters, our official radio show...well, lately, it's just been a solid hour long block of music. Yes, we've play a lot of you. No, we don't get paid for it. No royalties today, but we do give artists credit, of course!

Anyways, Thursday night comes, and all that can really be said is that your boy may/may not take beer pong too seriously, and the Rubberbandits can provide any night a great soundtrack... Don't buy it? Behold : The strangest/funniest/Irish-est video we've ever thrown up here.

Rubberbandits - 'Horse Outside'

Kudos for the Jackson dance/wails. Makes this perfect for any occasion.

-C.C.I. xxx


  1. I'd give it a 4.2 on the Rorschach Rating Scale of Strange. :D

  2. this gives me the urge to sell my car and get a horse :(


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