Monday, April 4, 2011

Logo Design Contest

Back in 2008, when Captain Captain Industries was simply known as the musical project 'Captain Captain', we asked our followers/listeners to upload any original 'Captain Captain' artwork, just to see what results we could muster. Now, in 2011, with more readers than ever before, we're feelin' like it's time to dust off the ol' podium and see what you all can come up with!

We've been fooling around with some designs of our own, including our new Digital Lego® logo (say that a couple times fast!).

Photographs, digital artwork, graffiti, -- it's all on the table. Make what you can, and we'll showcase the results, no matter how extravagant or simplistic they might be.

Send us your finished results at!

We'll design somethin' for the most original senders + a post dedicated entirely to the top three or four O.G. designs.

Below are some of our newest designs, mixed with some of our favorites that other folks have sent in over the course of time :


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