Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ed Banger Revival / Confirmed MGMT 3-Track Remix Album

Remember the French house revolution of 2008? We do. As an honor to the great Ed Banger Records, we've decided to feature the label's new release, Let the Children Techno, right here on Captain Captain Industries. This cut comes back with some of the old time favorites, including Mr. Oizo, Breakbot, and Para One, as well as some newbies to the crew, including one of our favorite producers, Flying Lotus. You can kick back and stream this online, via their MySpace profile -- like I said, we're goin' back to '08.


Also, March 15th will see an official MGMT remix album, courtesy of Erol Alkan, the Ed-Banger All Stars, and Cornelius. Not quite sure what this means. Congratulations wasn't... well, popular, and would easily be an album that we here would classify as 'hit/miss'. Hopefully this remix compilation will help take MGMT to the next level, meaning y'know... possible radio play for this sophomore release.


And because we can/usually do :

- C.C.I. xxx

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