Thursday, March 10, 2011

Abby Frerichs #2

Captain Captain Industries faithful

After I returned home from my radio show (now co-hosted by the great Tama Eagleson!), I hopped on the trusty desktop to peep out some of our blog stats -- and surely enough, you guys n' gals are really diggin' on the Abby Frerichs. Our original C.C.I. showcase post on Ms. Frerichs was more than a month ago; yet, it's still getting a great deal of consistent clicks. In honor of this pretty rad achievement, we're dishin' out another one of Abigail's premium .mp3's. A Velvet Underground cover none-the-less! And yes, she's featured in our highly-hyped** soon-to-be-released mixtape, so all of you can just settle down. :)

Abby Frerichs - "After Hours" (Velvet Underground)

** That's strictly our fault -- we're just geeked to get some physical CD-age out to our readers, and to anybody else who'd like to be a part of the Industry! Actually, to tell you all the truth, there is one CD in public rotation right now, making it the rarest release we've ever had (hah). We're limiting the pre-releasing of this mixtape, as there are songs by multiple artists, and I couldn't compromise an unofficial (style-biters!) leak. We've made some amazing friends along the ride, as well as showcasing some of our own crew, and we'd just hate to see that go to waste. Plus, we're having a lot of fun releasing this; the bottom line? Don't worry -- you'll get your blog-edition copies soon enough! How else would we be able to even dream of doing this?

-C.C.I. xxx


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