Sunday, December 12, 2010

Captain Captain Industries Exclusive : Abby Frerichs

Captain Captain Industries looooong-term accolade, Abigail "Abby" Frerichs, has unveiled a demo tape that's swirling and twirling around the confines of the internet. The six-song demo, all done in spectacular acoustic, ranges from a fun six-string spunky version of Miley Cyrus' "Cant Be Tamed" to a C.C.I. radio show favorite -- her beautiful rendition of the Jackson 5's classic, "I Want You Back".

It'd be an honor to inform you of her not-so-secret downtown Waterloo show at the Cellar. It's on the seventeenth of this month at precisely eight o'clock sharp, and if weather/various car issues permit me to, I'll be there. If however, I can't attend, you all should take my place. You wouldn't be disappointed in the least, plus you'd get to see her perform live -- something I regretfully have not done yet. If you live in Waterloo, or in the surrounding area, then you have no excuse to miss this.

So you're still skeptical? Not anymore!
Check out this downloadable bonus :

Hopefully we can snag some more tracks from this rising acoustic wonder, so be sure to stay tuned. A subscription/bookmark wouldn't hurt, right? :)

I have a strong feeling that this won't be the last time you hear from Ms. Frerichs here at The Industry. Until then though, stay warm and drive safe.

C.C.I. xxx

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