Monday, December 27, 2010

Ride the Roller Coaster at Arthur Lee Land

Do New Year's Eve up -- Paradiso style!

Get'cho groove on and bring in the new year with the one-man folk rock loop master, also known as Arthur Lee Land, as he performs live, utilizing his signature live-looping style that combines the best in folk/blues/afro-grass with technology.

A cool little side note - December 31st is café owner Steve Giacomini's birthday. Be sure to wish him a great new year as well.

Arthur's packin' two sets for the occasion. The former consists of his renown looping style. The latter will see him bust out his '55 Fender Telecaster, and team up with Doug Daller (keys), Will Gunn (bass) & Koray Ozturk (drums). Plus, y'know, they always have surprise guests at these things.

Blues. Folk. African percussion. Looping. Dancing. What else can I say, right?

Non-surprise guest performers slated for the NYE show include: David Murphy, Sondra Ward, Meret Giacomini, KT Thauwald, and Carol Carlisle.

Tickets -
$10 for adults.
$7 - students.
(Get your tickets in advance at Cafe Paradiso. They'd make a nice gift to ring in the new year!)

Hit 'em up at their website. If you get the chance, snag a nice, roasted coffee. It is winter, after all.

C.C.I xx

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