Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reminder :

Just a reminder that the three-man battle royale between St. Andrew, Reevo, & Coyote Slingshot show is today @ The Beauty Shop. While this is a day before NYE, it's a good way to get you in that celebrating kind of mood. If you're not familiar with St. Andrew, you've got a nice catalogue to catch up on. The guy cranks out some heat! I had the chance to catch a couple of shows, including a couple of impromptu dance parties @ KRUU FM, courtesy of P5K.

Coyote Slingshot is straight up fun - be it the music, album art, vinyl obsessions, etc. Last time I saw Dominic Rabalais take the stage, he was sporting a slimming dress, so who really knows what to expect tonight. I mean, aside from a really good time. Also, Dom's our 'Employee of the Week'. Why? Keep posted @ The Industry - We've got a new Sweat Power compilation to crank out in what should be a rad three-day birthday celebration, courtesy of the forementioned bro.

And of course, Reevo's bringin' some hardware. For those not familiar, Reevo is the other bruddah in reggae-dub duo, Ill & Natti. I personally don't know Reevo that well, but I do have a nice impression on what his electronic influences are -- a tremendous strong point. You can also catch him tomorrow @ Vivo's, which I'm assuming has an age-bar, but y'never know.

Read our previous post about tonight's line-up here.

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  • SOLO photoshoot
  • Vivo's NYE Party
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