Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hello Stranger(s) #3

(Due to the increased submissions in our new segment, we've decided to double the artist-per-post for this edition of 'Hello, Stranger'.)

Our first submission comes to us from the Great White North, an area in which Captain Captain Industries has increased trouble attaining steady readers. Representing Ontario, Canada, C.C.I presents "Naked Women's Street Fighting League", in what could arguably be the best-named group we've featured on the website thus far. While their MySpace Music Page dubs them as 'Alternative/Punk/Rock', we feel that may be a bit misleading. NWSFL, or what I've heard from them, is strictly two-to-three minute, fast-paced punk to the core.

If you are one of our incredibly scarce Canadian readers, catch them at Black Pirate's Pub on the 22nd and 30th, located at aptly-named Thunder Bay, Ontario CA.

Interested in NWSFL? Click 'here' for their MySpace Page and give these guys a listen. They only have two limited tracks, but it appears that they have four more on the way.

Here's to actually seeing a naked women's street fighting league before I die.


From Canada back to the United Kingdom, alternative-ska group "Ruberlaris" brings something quite new to the table. While I've heard numerous ska groups in my day, there's just something more 'experimental' with these guys. The tones they use are so unique that I was swayed instantly -- Ruberlaris could be the best rendition of ska that I've heard in a while.

This group is the whole reason I'm doing this project -- to find quality music that may not have presented itself otherwise. While you may have not heard of this group before, Ruberlaris is fairly popular in comparison with most of the artists featured in this segment. With almost 45,000 MySpace Music Profile views, it's pretty evident that they've got their neighborhoods bouncing around to what has been described by the band as 'Rastabilly Skank'.

New 'Ruberlaris' EP out -- December 18th, 2010.

You can experience Ruberlaris at a number of websites :

Click "here" for their MySpace Music Account.

Click "here" for their FaceBook Account.

Click "here" for their Twitter Page.

Look at that -- they have all three major social networking sites, which means you have no excuses not to give them a listen. Be sure to join the mailing list, and as always, give 'em some positive feedback.

That about does it for now. Be sure to give both "Naked Women's Street Fighting League" and "Ruberlaris" a listen, a good review, and always remember to support our featured artists. Go out and buy a t-shirt or somethin'!

Shoot, it's supposed to snow today...
C.C.I xx

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