Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Employee of the Week #3

Previous Winners :
  • Michael Vick
  • Kid Cudi
This edition of 'Employee of the Week' was filled with candidates, making this an incredibly tough decision. Could it be Conan O'Brian, who in the past three or four weeks, has dominated TBS ratings? Is it a local music phenom who unintentionally boosted C.C.I viewership? Could it possibly be Andre Johnson, for that fantastic beatdown he put on Cortland Finnegan?

All deserve to win. However, your new 'Employee of the Week' is...

The University of Connecticut's Kemba Walker.

Kemba Walker, the youngest inductee in 'EotW' history, was born in the Bronx on May 8th, 1990. He's a six-foot one-inch (samesies!) point guard for the University of Connecticut Huskies (not so samesies...), and a former McDonald's All-American. I'd get acquainted with the name if you're a fan of the NBA -- this guy's showing no signs of passing up a lottery pick in the future, and if he keeps up this pace, he'll dominate.

Walker is the second athlete to be named 'EotW' since its inception three weeks ago. Is the Captain a sports fiend? Clearly. Does this man still deserve this honor? Absolutely.

Only twice in six games has Kemba failed to score thirty or more points (18, 39). He's buried Kentucky and Michigan State -- two Final Four regulars. He's single-handedly carried UConn to a #9 ranking overall, and shows no signs of stopping. Did I mention he's the leading scorer in the nation?

Add it all up, and you have yourself the Employee of the Week. Congratulations, Kemba Walker -- the first basketballer to receive this prestigious honor.

(Note -- music by previous winner, Scott 'Kid CuDi" Mescudi on this next one.)

Numbah' Fifteen doin' some work!
C.C.I xx

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