Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st

Oh man, December's here already. BURR.

I'm sure you've seen Derek Anderson's notorious post-game conference, where he blows up on a reporter and up-and-leaves. If not, you've certainly gotta give it a view. Even he's under the impression that he's a low-tier quarterback, but at least he 'puts his heart and soul' into it.


The reason I actually posted this popular clip isn't actually because I thought it was hysterical -- what's really hysterical is Dwight Howard's impression of this incident. He could legitimately be the funniest player in the NBA.


And since fall's basically over, this picture has no business on the blog. But seriously. It's a Charles Barkley pumpkin. We'll make an exception.

December, here we come!
C.C.I xx

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