Thursday, December 9, 2010

Captain's Quarters -- Episode 7.

Episode 7 of Captain's Quarters!

Tonight (Thursdays) @ 5 P.M.-- only on 100.1 KRUU FM -- your local grassroots, listener supported radio station.

Our playlist includes :
  • '4x4=12', Deadmau5' new album
  • The Dexter (Showtime) soundtrack
  • Acoustic Jackson 5 covers
  • Neon Indian
  • Radiohead

And that's just half of the show -- we have an unidentified guest host stopping by, and who knows exactly what she has in store for y'all.

What we're on is dangerous -- check it out by either tuning your radio (and preset that sh*t) to 100.1 KRUU FM, or if you're not a local bro, we're way online @ KRUU FM's official website, where you can stream our show straight from your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.

See ya' there --
C.C.I xx

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