Saturday, December 11, 2010

"BYLCL SMKFRSH" - The new joint by Lane Weaver ft. Fooch

In preparation for tonight's three-band/rapper battle royale at the Beauty Shop, Lane Weaver has dropped what may be his most hyped track yet. Featuring Purple Asteroid Cadillac's Fooch, this little jingle is quite the killer. Plus, two of our most popular posts have featured both of these artists, so I know we've got quite a few people who're gonna dig this one.

Bonus : The cover art (courtesy of Oliver Huntley) is a 3x4 masterpiece that would look good in your living room. The t-shirts would look just as good on you while you're checkin' out that new painting you just hung above your 52-inch. Interested in these swagnificent delicacies?

Then you gotta hit Lane up at his Official FaceBook Page.

Without further ado, Captain Captain Industries is proud to feature two premiere artists, Lane & Fooch, and their bumpin' new jam - "BYLCL SMKFRSH" (Buy local - smoke fresh, y'all!)

BYLCL SMKFRSH ft. Fooch by LaneWeaver

Be sure to catch this, and much much more, tonight @ The Beauty Shop Fundraiser. Tickets are a mere five-spot, so bring yo' lady-friend(s) if you please. I know I'll see you there --

C.C.I. xxxxxxx

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