Thursday, November 11, 2010

So, Yahoo! just jacked my swag. Nearly twenty minutes after I posted the Kovalchuk video below, they go ahead and throw that same (exact) YouTube short on their 'most visited' home page. It's alright though -- I'm not surprised. Go ahead and bite my style a little more, major search engines.

In response to this, we at the Industry decided to post our favorite SportsCenter clip. This has to be the best trick play to come out of the NCAAF this year. Surprisingly, it's not Boise State. Actually, aside from basketball, I don't think too many people follow this miniscule FBS school.

Watch and learn: Presbyterian completely throws Wake Forest off-guard.

(Presbyterian would end up losing this game by quite a bit; I still tip my sailor's cap to them. Did you see how well that guy sold this? That's straight-up street-smart.)

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As always,
C.C.I xx

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