Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Captain Captain Music Presents :

To Our Absolutely Amazing Customers,

History has been made at the Industry. The past three days have seen more blog views than the whole month of October combined. While that may seem pathetic, trust us -- it's not. While our zero comments may = lame, just know that 40 people from the great nation of Denmark alone have viewed us -- today.

Two days ago, it was all Russia (in terms of non-North American countries, at least). I actually found our blog (And our MySpace!) on a Russian search engine that may or may not have been Google. I'm not sure. I don't speak Russian. Sorry, comrades. :(

ANYWAYS, because we've gotten the views, I think it's time to unleash some exclusive, never-before-seen material. No, I'm not joking.

This is an impromptu premiere.

Behold, "Bill Murray Beatz" - the newest track from Captain Captain. That's absolutely right. I'm leakin' my own material. I found some fre$h sounds that I'll more than likely use in the near future.

That's all for right now. I encourage subscribing, bookmarking, or throwing this on your G-Reader pronto. We've got some big ish planned here that may need a little persuading before we leak/premiere/release/drop anything. Comments are more than welcome. That's really not me fishing for compliments; I'd like to see some suggestions/links/??? thrown up on ze comment board. All part of the Industry's circle.

Enjoy the premiere.

(Be on the lookout for an official Captain Captain mixtape, in the works as we speak.)

With the dearest love for y'all, my loyal readers,
Captain Captain Industries

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