Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August Update

Hello all,  

Seems it's been a minute or two since we've updated, and like we promised, big things are in store!  For example: one of our greatest comrades recently took on a job that any of our readers could appreciate -- a booking gig.  What does this mean?  Well, we had a quick chat a couple of weeks ago where it was mutually assumed that the opportunity be open for any musicians / groups on here to indulge in.  Bottom line :: if you're touring, and find yourself ANYWHERE near IA, get at us.  We still need to see if it's allowed to even post this gentleman's contact info, but until then, CaptainCaptainIndustries@Gmail.com -- we'll instantly forward yo' ass to the man himself. 

Also, if you're around Iowa later this month :: THIS.

And we're working on an official music alias.  Gettin' it x x x.

More developments to come -- always taking 'radio tag' submissions.  Find more info on that here.  

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