Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tylias - "Rock Dark Tekno" [2012]

It's an astounding thing when an individual can not only create, but master a unique blend of sounds. In today's ever-expansive digital age, many distinct styles of electronic-based genres have gripped underground airwaves, from sugar-coated dream-wave to the darker tones of the Industrial Age.

California producer-slash-musician Tylias has crafted a masterpiece of downright diabolical grooves, wobbles, rhymes, and just about everything but the kitchen sink. Through his newly released debut album Rock Dark Tekno, Tylias channels such an array of influence that it becomes nearly surreal to imagine this being the brain-child of a single individual.

But once again, Tylias blows us away. Be sure to get your hands on Rock Dark Tekno here on SoundCloud or by scrolling down bekow, and get in touch with Tylias on Facebook.

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