Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Open E-mail to C.C.I. from Radio Fonix Apparel

Check out this extraordinarily appreciative e-mail sent to us from Tabby over at Radio Fonix Apparel, a beaming independent clothing company dedicated to anything and everything music.

 "My name is Tabby and I run the music-dedicated clothing company Radio Fonix Apparel. We are a rising clothing line based out of Houston, TX and an entirely eclectic music clothing line, focusing on series and collections based on different genres, decades, sub-genres, etc. From indie-folk to indie-tronica, 80's, 90's, reggae to hip-hop, we wanted to grab the love and passion of independent music and create unique and fun products and events for our fans, along with opportunities for emerging artists. I just wanted to try and reach out and let you know that not only do I love and appreciate what you guys do for artists and creative individuals, but [...] help spread the word for us as well. Our goal is to evolve into a spreading epidemic of independent and passion-driven music. Independent artists are the heartbeat of this project, and drive us to be something more than just a buy and sell. It helps us reach our dream of forming a real experience for music lovers and musicians alike. We would love to hear back from you and would like to send you any and all of our current and future products as a appreciation for Captain Captain Industries. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks so much for taking a second to and keep jamming!"

This incredible act of kind-hearted generosity caught our eye -- we undoubtedly had to share RFX with the rest of our community.  Find a fresh selection of (affordable AND bad-ass) t-shirts from Radio Fonix Apparel here

You can also find Radio Fonix Apparel on Facebook, where you can see a list of sponsors and even receive quotes from RFX's custom-designer!

Major thanks to Tabby and Radio Fonix Apparel for making our morning!

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